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MaxxiLine Non-refillable / Disposable cylinders EN 12205 TPED are available with a variety of gas fills : 100% Carbon Dioxide, 100% CO2 E290 Food Grade, 100% Argon, 100% Argon E938 Food Grade, 80% Argon/ 20% Co2 (Mix), 98% Argon/ 2% Oxygen (Mix), 100% Nitrogen, 100% Nitrogen E941 Food Grade, 95% Nitrogen/ 5% Hydrogen (Mix) and 100% Helium.

MaxxiLine Refillable Refrigerant cylinders EN 13322-1 TPED are available in 1l and 2l, PH48 BAR, Valve 5/16" SAE, Valve 1/4" SAE for commercial, industrial, residential and automotive applications.

MaxxiLine High Pressure TPED Cylinders

MaxxiLine cylinders are available from 48 to 110 Bar and in multiple sizes: 1Litre, 1.2Litre, 1.8Litre 2 Litre and 2.2Litre. MaxxiLine cylinders are fabricated from Steel P355NB, and are produced in strict compliance with all applicable TPED specifications.

MaxxiLine Certified Quality Products

MaxxiLine cylinders are designed, individually manufactured, certified and tested in according to in total conformity with requirements of the UNI EN 12205 TPED UNI, EN 13322-1 TPED as per Trasportable Pressure Equipment Directive 2010/35/EU. Each production stage is certified and periodically tested by International Inspection bodies.

maxxiline certified products maxxiline made in italy products

MaxxiLine Made In Italy Products

MaxxiLine products are completely studied, designed and made in italy. MaxxiLine products meet or exceed industry regulations for quality and safety. Maxxiline products are in use in a wide variety of industries in most countries of the world. Our company is committed to offering optimum quality/price ratio and is constantly striving to achieve customer satisfaction.